Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Niagara offers a range of energy-efficient light bulbs with ENERGY STAR® designation from the U.S. Department of Energy. Niagara’s selection of energy saving bulbs allow you to cut energy consumption, lower your energy costs, and change lightbulbs less frequently.

Our EarthBrite™ Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) deliver tremendous energy cost savings. If just 25% of the incandescent bulbs in a home are replaced with fluorescents, a homeowner can save as much as 50% on their lighting bills, and significantly contribute to overall baseload reduction in their home. CFL’s last 12 times longer, so they’ll keep saving money long after the incandescent bulb has burned out.

With this combination of cost savings, energy savings, and convenience, why not invest in Niagara’s energy efficient bulbs? Niagara manufactures energy saving bulbs in a variety of different types, including:

  • Dimmable Mini Spiral CFLs

  • Compact Fluorescent Floodlights

  • Compact Fluorescent PAR Lamps

  •  Compact Fluorescent Globe Lamps

  • Compact Fluorescent Torpedo Lamps

  • Compact Fluorescent A-Type Lamps

  • Compact Fluorescent Capsule T-Lamps

  • GU 24 Spring Lamps

When it comes to energy efficient CFL’s, Niagara has it all. Contact a Niagara representative today at 800-831-8383 to learn more about our selection of energy saving lightbulbs.