Sweepstakes Winner Claims $500 Worth of Niagara Products
Wed, January 4, 2012
  Niagara Conservation launched the "Mystery Box Sweepstakes" on  
  Facebook in December 2011.  The prize was $500 in Niagara
  Conservation products, but it was not revealed what products the winner
  would receive.  Sweepstakes winner, Anjie Cho of New York, was
  surprised to learn that not only would she get $500 worth of Niagara
  products, but she had the freedom to pick out the products she wanted
  from Niagara inventory on itseasybeinggreen.com. 
 Anjie selected the following Niagara products for her $500 prize package:
  Winning Niagara Conservation's Facebook Mystery Box Sweepstakes
  is amazing because now I can make some wonderful eco-friendly
  upgrades to my home as well show others how easy it is to be green.  I
  can't wait to start using my new items and give some of these earth-
  conscious products to my friends and colleagues.  Hopefully, these small
  changes will encourage them to save precious resources such as
  energy and waterand save money as well!  - Anjie Cho, January 2012
  Congratulations Anjie and thank you for participating!  For your chance to
  win in our next Sweepstakes, click here.
Photo of Winner Anjie Cho By: Jimena Roquero


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