AM Conservation Group offers hundreds of Niagara Conservation branded products. The utility, program managers and governmental agency professionals we work with understand the value of offering water-saving products and services to customers who desire them. From high-efficiency showerheads to high-efficiency aerators there are numerous options to choose from.

Our most popular showerheads include:

1.75 GPM

Earth® Handheld
2.0 GPM

Sava Spa™
1.75 GPM


Our most popular aerators include:

1.5 Bubble Aerator

Dual Spray
1.5 GPM Kitchen Aerator

You’ll find many other ways to help your customers conserve water and energy with Niagara Conservation branded products. A Green House Water EcoKit™ combines a number of our top water-saving and energy-conserving products. We can help your customers reduce water usage outdoors with Lawn & Garden products, including Water Miser garden hose nozzles, and a Soil Moisture Meter.