Product Overview

Niagara's Dual-Thread, Pressure-Compensating, Lead-Free Needle Spray Bathroom aerators are an innovative water-saving solution designed to accommodate both male and female applications. Niagara's faucet aerators save money on water and energy by producing forceful streams at a reduced flow rate that minimizes the amount of energy needed to heat hot water. The Lead-Free Aerator is constructed entirely of ABS poly which is completely lead-free for safe drinking water. Furthermore, these aerators come with special install keys to easily switch between male or female threaded faucets without the need for additional tools.

  • 1.5 GPM
  • Aerator body constructed entirely of ABS poly, completely lead-free for safe drinking water
  • Patent-pending POM dual-threaded connection (Male: 15/16-27 Female: 55/65-27) prevents stripping with no visible threads.
  • Patented pressure compensator provides consistent flow regardless of available water pressure
  • Includes all parts necessary for proper installation and operation
  • Needle model features 18 individual streams with ideal pressure
  • 10-year warranty