Product Overview

Niagara's state-of-the-art, residential EcoLogic™ ET Controller brings all the functionality of much larger commercial controllers to a 12-station smart controller into the home. This is a true historical climate-based ET Controller that properly manages water applications in the landscape by correctly adjusting for local solar, temperature, and moisture signals. The system comes with a dynamic sensor suite that helps manage for the on-site microclimate. The simple interface and clear on-screen instructions make this easy to install and even easier to program. It has special features such as new planting establishment programs and drought and budget setbacks. The ET Controller also manages new irrigation technologies, and is the only controller that can be programmed to meet local water restrictions such as "every fifth day" if needed. Best of all, there are absolutely no pricey add-ons or signal fees.
  • 12 station ET controller
  • Historical climate zone-based with Microclimate sensor suite
  • Easy indoor/outdoor installation and programming
  • Hydrosaver ETIC Model
  • SWAT tested