Water Saving Showerheads

High Efficiency Showerheads by Niagara Conservation

Showering accounts for about 30% of a home’s total water consumption. With Niagara high-efficiency, water-saving showerheads, you can cut water usage, lower your water heating bills, and get a consistently satisfying shower.

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Choose the Right Energy Efficient Showerhead for Your Home

Niagara Earth® Showerheads use patented pressure-compensating technology to guarantee a feeling of great force while using less water, and deliver a consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure. Earth Showerheads, the #1 specified water-saving showerhead among conservation professionals, come in wall-mount, handheld (with 72” tangle-free hose) and patented Soak & Soap® designs, with water-saving flow rates as low as 1.25 GPM.

Tri-Max™ high-efficiency showerheads allow you to select one of three low-flow rates: 0.5 GPM, 1.0 GPM or 1.5 GPM. Changing the flow rate while showering means you can use the ultra low-flow 0.5 GPM setting while soaping or shampooing, and then switch to 1.0 or 1.5 GPM for rinsing. Whichever setting you select, you’re saving water and money with this high-efficiency showerhead, compared to standard-flow showerheads.

Water-efficient Sava Spa™ showerheads are designed with Niagara’s two main goals in mind: conserving water resources and providing a great shower experience. Our water efficient shower heads conserve without compromising quality.

For more information on Niagara Conservation’s high-efficiency showerheads and energy efficient water saving showerheads, call today 888.750.4104.