Energy-smart homeowners, plumbing and heating contractors, utility companies, energy management officials, multi-housing managers, and government agencies can all lower heating and cooling bills dramatically with weatherization products from Niagara Conservation.


Almost every house or commercial building has cracks or gaps surrounding doors and windows, around vents and pipe outlets, in the foundation and dozens of other places. During the winter, drafts of freezing wind and even water leak to the inside. On hot summer days, cool air-conditioned drafts escape to the outside. Without adequate weatherproofing material the result is a reduced level of comfort, and increased energy bills.

Niagara offers a wide variety of weatherization products, including many types of Weatherstripping and insulation kits for creating energy-efficient insulating seals around doors. We’re proud that the majority of our weatherstripping choices are Made in the U.S.A. Other energy-saving, money-saving options within the Niagara weatherization family include Aluminum Thresholds and Door Shoes, Window Kits and Covers and Caulks and Sealants.

For over three decades, Niagara Conservation has provided our broad spectrum of customers with innovative water and energy-saving solutions. Now more than ever, everyone can benefit from our years of expertise at conserving resources and saving money.