Weatherstripping for Doors & Sweeps

Niagara Conservation offers a wide variety of products to reduce energy, heating and cooling bills by sealing the bottom and sides of doors, including door sweeps and door weatherstripping replacements. Choose from foam, foam aluminum, PVC, wood, and vinyl weatherstripping solutions below.


How can you cut energy costs and improve room temperatures? By using Niagara Conservation’s weatherstripping replacements and door sweeps. Niagara weatherstripping products have superior weather-sealing gaskets composed of a variety of materials for your purpose and preference.

Our door weatherstripping line includes products designed to save energy in both hot and cold climates. They are designed for easy installation, and many feature slotted screw holes for easy adjustment. Sealing out drafts, dirt and rain with Niagara door weatherstripping will greatly increase the overall energy efficiency of your home or business, which means you’ll pay less for heating and cooling.

Niagara offers the following types of weatherstripping solutions:

  • Door sweeps (including self stick door sweeps)

  • Foam aluminum door sweeps

  • Heavy duty aluminum and triple flange door sweeps

  • Wood carriers with foam gaskets

  • PVC carriers with foam gaskets

  • Aluminum carriers

Contact a Niagara Conservation representative today at 800-831-8383 to learn more about our weatherstripping products for doors and windows. Weatherstripping for both windows and doors keeps homes a steady temperature year round. Totally durable, our aluminum or foam replacement door sweeps increase efficiency while lowering your utility bills.