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The headlines describe that winters are getting colder, and summers are getting hotter. As a result, more energy and gas are being used. That’s why weatherization professionals are so critical in today’s marketplace.

Weatherization professionals know that sealing off drafts from doors, windows, and even electrical outlets can be an important step in helping to lower energy and gas usage. AM Conservation Group is the leader in energy saving products and resources and we offer a comprehensive assortment of weatherization products, including weatherstripping for doors and windows, door thresholdsdoor shoes, door sweeps, window insulation products and kits, programmable thermostats, and caulks and foam sealants for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


All Niagara Conservation branded weatherization products are designed for easy installation and application. They quickly and effectively seal out the passage of air, dirt, and rain leaks. Our weatherization products greatly increase overall energy efficiency for homes and businesses.

With today’s volatile weather conditions, and heating and cooling energy and gas use on the rise, weatherization professionals are turning to AM Conservation Group for the solutions and products that help their customers save.

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