Water Conservation Products 


Water is the world’s most important natural resource, and saving just a single drop is important. For energy-smart consumers, plumbing and heating contractors, utility companies, energy management officials, multi-housing managers, and government agencies, AM Conservation Group offers a wide variety of water saving fixtures and products.

Niagara Conservation branded high-efficiency showerheads and water-saving aerators use less water, and help reduce water heating energy bills by cutting the amount of hot water needed.

AM Conservation Group offers many other water saving devices that conserve water and save money. A Green House Water EcoKit™ combines a number of our top water-saving and energy-conserving products. AM Conservation can even help water usage outdoors with Lawn & Garden products, including Water Miser garden hose nozzles, and a Soil Moisture Meter that lets homeowners know they shouldn’t water when they don’t need to.

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